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The Top 4 Health Issues that Contributed to My Panic Attacks: My Healing Story

I had my first panic attack at 15, I remember standing in our washroom at my sister’s place back home and having a feeling of apprehension and terror, an overwhelming feeling of fear that something unimaginable was going to happen. I was cold however I was sweating; I had an almost out of body type of experience. It was so intense that my heart rate started to rise, I felt dizzy and everything around me was falling apart. It all happened after I went through a very stressful period of my life. Later, I was having all kinds of gut problems. Anything that affects your brain might have a connection with the gut. It has been proven that poor gut bacteria can cause mood problems and even depression. 

I was ashamed of talking to someone because in certain places I lived seeing a counselor automatically translated to you being crazy. I was lost, I was fifteen, and by the time I turned sixteen, I was diagnosed with an ulcer. No medications brought relief to any of these things. I kept my struggle private. But it soon became too overwhelming when I started university. The truth is I was dealing with so much stress that my body could no longer cope. Around the same time, I started having skin problems too.

I’ve always been someone who loved reading, writing, dancing and studying; these things are a part of me and they kind of helped me cope with my recurrent panic attacks.  All of a sudden, I went through another stressful event and all my health issue kind of stopped, only to return a year later, stronger than ever. This is like a state of shock for the body.

By the time I turned twenty-four, I was having these panic attacks almost every day. I decided to fight back with food, I tried all kind of diets. I started to see a gastroenterologist, a counselor, a spiritual advisor and do not forget the repeated visit to my family doctor and gynecologist who told me that it was all in my head. I was scared to be labeled crazy. Guess what? I was not; it all had to do with my blood sugar. My blood sugar was up and down because of my adrenals. My adrenals were tired because of a poor lifestyle, it’s a vicious circle. I went through so much and I was so tired that my adrenals were no longer happy. They started acting out and my thyroid, my hormones, and my mood were affected. It took research after research to find out what was wrong.

Listed below are 4 things that could be causing your panic attacks:

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How to Create an Anti-inflammatory Diet Shopping List: 5 Important Facts

Chronic inflammation continues to threaten the lives of millions worldwide. Today, people are suffering from illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, respiratory disorders, cancers and other inflammatory ailments including familial Mediterranean fever. Developing countries are especially prone to such illnesses and often die from various cancers. Many studies today have shown that lifestyle choices, especially foods we consume every day, can greatly impact the rate of illnesses.

A well-balanced diet can help fight many of the illnesses people are faced with every day. Some of these foods have anti-inflammatory compounds, which can deter the body from such diseases. As a result, avoiding inflammatory promoting foods and consuming more natural anti-inflammatory foods will greatly reduce the number of illnesses. It’s time to create the perfect anti-inflammatory shopping list with this ultimate guide.

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How to Read Food Labels: Top 4 Fake Ingredients to Avoid

You can not measure every bite that passes your lips, but it’s a good idea to measure most foods and drinks until you get a feel for the portion size. It’s an oversized world out there and most people are surprised that their idea of a single serving is two or three.

If you’re on bells and whistle, there are food scales that are pre-programmed with nutrition information, as well as scales that keep a running total of your daily food and nutrient supply for you. However, the only tools you really need are a simple and inexpensive gram scale, dry and liquid measuring cups and the idea of reading food labels.

Among all these tools, reading food labels seems to be the most effective way to determine the right kind of food that can be bought at the supermarket. It makes you choose reasonable food. You can use the “Nutrition Information” section of a specific item in the grocery store to determine the amount of serving sizes specified in this product.

With food labels, you can clearly understand the amount and type of nutrients that are included in the item. It usually contains information on saturated fat, sodium, total fat, fiber and cholesterol “per serving”.

However, reading and understanding this food labels can be very confusing for a typical consumer. A typical consumer would definitely ask what these numbers mean and how this affects the diet if they follow the serving service indicated on the food label.

For a clearer and more complete understanding of the items on the food label, here is a list of things you need to know:

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Top 3 Gut Healing Foods: Inflammation Fighters

Going through an anti-inflammatory, sugar-free, and dairy-free lifestyle has its ups and downs, it is a healthy shift that can be tough. As someone who fought inflammation, pain, and digestive issues for many years, I had to learn some simple tricks, I had to find what works for me and adopt the principles that my family taught me and, in the process, inspire other people.

I recommend three major gut healing foods that are great inflammation fighters, that make perfect snacks, appetizers, and meals. They are used in the Caribbean and around the world. They can help with many gut problems, especially ulcer, acid reflux, leaky gut syndrome, and ulcerative colitis.

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How to Treat Muscle Pain Naturally: Best Expert Advice

Muscle pain is a common problem these days. A lot of people are involved in many jobs that require muscle work. Therefore, it is common to have pain at one time or another. Some people also suffer from chronic muscle aches. This can lead to a very severe pain that will be unbearable. Muscle pain can also be the result of a specific injury, a condition that affects ligaments, cramps or connective tissue problems. In some cases, muscle pain can also stem from arthritis. The intensity of the pain can vary depending on the condition of the patient.

Muscle pains behave differently from other bodily pains, in that they give a sharp throbbing, tingling sensation that’s more uncomfortable than anything else. However, at the same time, these pains are the easiest to get relief from. Pains in the joints are much more severe. But in any case, you need to get muscle pain relief immediately because these pains have a tendency to recur if not taken care of. Here we discussed different ways in which you can get relief from muscle pains.

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