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About Dayana

Are you looking for tips about emotional well-being, natural health, and nutrition, you are in the right spot!

Welcome to my blog

I am a licensed holistic health practitioner and a PhD candidate in natural health with a focus on naturopathic sciences and nutrition.

The decision that inspires others

I used to be sick as I suffered from different health issues ranging from anxiety, PMS, fibroids, cysts and a stomach tumor from a previous bleeding ulcer. I was so overweight and depressed that I had to seek help. I discovered old and modern ways through which I got healing, I was healthy again! I became so passionate about this mix of modern and old methods and the results they are capable of giving. So, I turned my passion into a career.

I believe in the power of whole foods to feed the body, and this is the message I want to pass across today. I recommend that you utilize creativity to heal your mind and inspiration to mend the soul and spirit. We are different people, so there will be different approaches with us, but one thing is a constant; we all seek ways to improve our health.


I also provide Nutritional Counseling, Online Course for Iridology and various other services, visit my official website by clicking below.