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Guest Blogger Guidelines for

Note : Kindly read carefully to get approval for your guest post

What to write ?

Please refer to our homepage for the topics we write on the most. Let me list some categories that we accept :

  • Nutrition, Natural product and remedies, Herbal, Iridology.
  • Diet plans, Detox programs.
  • Health care : Hair, Skin, Weight, Belly, Breast, and so on.
  • Lifestyle and Others.

Always provide actionable tips and practical advice. Try to share your own experiences, don’t rely on just quoting experts and intellectuals.

Note : You have to be a blogger, writer, or a genuine reader. You must possess good writing skills.


Your post must be 100% original. What does that mean? No plagiarism. We use software to check if the content [or any part of the content] is already available on internet. You can’t even borrow sentences from your own prior published content, or from someone else’s. If you are going to use someone else’s words, it must be properly attributed.

Post Length

Minimum : 1,000 words

Maximum : 2,000 words

If your article is longer than the recommended length, then please take permission first by mailing us prior to sending the draft for guest post.

Other things to keep in mind

  • No grammatical errors.
  • Stick to the topic, no beating around the bush.

Note : Read twice before sending, if the post is acceptable to you, then there is a high chance we will accept it.

Our Publishing Process :

Usually, we take 2-3 days before publishing your post on our blog, don’t panic. Even if we are not going to publish your post for whatever reason, we will surely write you back within 7 days. So, keep your head high for an awesome post.

Your Bio

We and our readers want to know more about you, so please write about yourself, what you do, where our readers can follow you, etc.

  • Name and Profession.
  • Links to your personal social accounts : FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.

Contribute your post to

If you have read and understood all of the guidelines mentioned above, email your post to us at with the subject “Guest post for”

In body mentioned the suggested titles and outline. You can attach a word document.

Happy Writing. 🙂